Place Card Template




Place Card Template

A place card template can be used to make it much easier to layout place cards for printing on a pre-defined paper stock. Our templates are formatted for stock that allows you to design, print and separate the cards without needing a paper cutter or other special equipment.

The printed at home on your inkjet or laser. If you use the paper stock we promote, after printing, simply separate at the pre-perforated lines and fold in place cards are printed 6 per sheet on standard 8 1/2" x 11" letter size stock and can be half (cards are also scored to make folding easier). You can also print on regular card stock and cut the cards yourself.

Our place card templates are available in Corel Draw 15 and 7 formats as well as Word format. The Corel versions allow you to easily change the graphic and font colors to match your event colors. With the Word templates, you can easily change the font colors. You can easily change the font with either format.

If you want to print on both sides of the place card paper, you will need to use the Corel Draw format. You can also use the Word format, but you will have to send the paper through the printer twice.


Place Card Template 1

Place Card Template 1



Place Card Template 2

Place Card Template 2



Placecard Template 3

Place Card Template 3



Place Card Templates 4

Place Card Template 4



Place Card Template 5

Place Card Template 5


Placecard Template 6

Place Card Template 6


Place Card Template 7

Place Card Template 7


Placecard Templates 8

Place Card Template 8


Placecard Template 9

Place Card Template 9


Free Place Card Template 10

Place Card Template 10


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